RE2-Level 12-Gluttons

Level 12, in which the Glutton is in the bottom left corner.

The Glutton is a character in the game Royal Envoy 2. He is a man with light brown pants and an unbuttoned blue vest. The Glutton appears on multiple levels, starting in the Foothills. 


The Glutton will stand in the middle of a road. If the way to him is cleared, then a thought bubble with the amount of food he wants will be floating over his head. If the player accumulates the amount of food he wants, it is possible to feed him. When workers talk to him, he will laugh and pantomime eating several times, then disappear. 


  • Although he is a glutton, apparently he's also a vegetarian. This is stated by the Foothills chief.
  • The Glutton appears to be somewhat like the Market Manager, but without the impressive attire.